Parties, Painting, and Pets at The Willows of Arbor Lakes

Parties, Painting, and Pets at The Willows of Arbor Lakes

February 18th, 2022

Residents at The Willows of Arbor Lakes welcomed 2022 in style. We had a New Year’s party with delicious snacks, beverages, decorations, party favors, and lots of laughs. Everyone raised a glass as we celebrated the new year.

Residents at The Willows of Arbor Lakes recently took the chill out of winter with some colorful arts and crafts.

We used watercolors to paint penguin pictures. Many participants used warm colors to brush away the winter blues and give these penguin paintings a cheerful, spring-like feel.

Spending time with animals makes people happy and is good for the soul. Pet therapy has been linked to increased levels of energy and self-esteem as well as improvements in mood, movement, and motor skills.

Residents at The Willows of Arbor Lakes recently got a dose of pet therapy when they got to hold, pet, snuggle, and spend time with a little dog friend. This pup provided joy, love, and a feeling of calm during this visit, and our residents soaked it in. 🐶♥🐾

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January Birthdays and Therapy Dog Visit

January 30th, 2020

We recently celebrated January birthdays with the help of Nigel Egg’s amazing entertainment. Happy birthday to Helen and Jim! ???

We are continually grateful for the therapy dogs, Solomon and Ladybug, and their owners who pay us regular visits. It’s always such a treat when they stop by The Willows! ?

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Fun with Babble Budz

December 2nd, 2019

Lately, whenever one of our volunteers brings her therapy dog, Solomon, she’s also been bringing Babble Budz (toys that copy whatever you say). Not only are they adorable, they also fill the room with laughter!

The Babble Budz may not have sang, but we still got lots of laughs!

More fun with Babble Budz!

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July BBQ and Volunteer Visits

August 9th, 2019

We had lots of visitors last month here at the Willows! Check out some photos from our July BBQ and volunteer visits.

We had another amazing resident and family BBQ lunch this July! ???

We are always thankful for our community volunteers! This month included a visit from Substance Church, middle school students from Lord of Life Church, and weekly visits from our therapy dog, Solomon.

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Fun-Filled Friday at the Willows

April 30th, 2019

We had a fun-filled Friday at the Willows! We spent the morning visiting with doggie visitors Ladybug and Lucy, and in the afternoon we enjoyed listening to Michael Riddle sing and play the guitar to a great variety of songs.

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Dogs, music, and more!

September 5th, 2018

The past few weeks have been full of dogs, music, and more!


Solomon recently celebrated a birthday and had fun catching his new frisbee. Solomon visits every Wednesday and brightens many residents’ days.



Paul and John provided great entertainment for our residents. It was fun to hear the duo play so many of the residents’ favorite songs on the trombone and keyboard.



Ladybug always brings out lots of smiles with her monthly visits!



We enjoyed one last summertime barbecue today. Thank you to all the families who joined us!


KAYR Tones

Husband and wife, Allan and Yana Reko, of KAYR Tones performed for our residents. They enjoyed the duo’s variety of songs and were given many opportunities to sing along into the microphone. The show was enjoyed by all!



For some of our residents, painting is a favorite pastime. We enjoy the time together.



Marian had a great time holding this Brussels Griffon – both she and Chia quickly found friendship with each other.

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Art, Music, and Dogs

June 18th, 2018

We had a wonderful few weeks full of art, music, and dogs!

Memorial Day Stars

The residents were busy cutting out salt dough stars back in May. With the help of our talented volunteers, we painted stars in patriotic red, white, and blue to decorate our table vases for Memorial Day.


Therapy Dogs

Our therapy dogs brighten many faces at the Willows of Arbor Lakes with their visits!


Mark Stillman

We always love listening to Mark Stillman play the accordion. He never fails to get us tapping our toes or clapping our hands!

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Fun Activities

April 30th, 2018

The Willows of Arbor Lakes had some fun activities over the past few weeks!

April Birthdays

We recently celebrated April birthdays at the Willows of Arbor Lakes with entertainment from Randy Rolloff. Happy Birthday to Don, Reuven, and Mary!


Dale Martell

Dale Martell provided toe-tapping bluegrass, folk, and American roots music last week. Not only did he have all the residents singing along, but he gave a brief history of the songs he played as well.


Noodle Ball

Having fun with noodle ball!



We have wonderful volunteers that make the Willows of Arbor Lakes a great place to live. Here are photos from recent visits from Living Word Christian Center‘s music and homeschool groups, as well as North Star Therapy Animals.


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December Fun

December 21st, 2017

The residents have been busy this month with various Christmas crafting and baking activities. They have also enjoyed relaxing with our therapy dogs as well. We are always thankful for the many community volunteers who brighten our days at the Willows of Arbor Lakes.

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December 12th, 2017

We are excited to welcome a new therapy dog to the Willows. Solomon, a 6-year-old Bearded Collie, and his owner, Kathy, are going to be visiting the Willows of Arbor Lakes every Wednesday. The tenants are thrilled and light up when they see him.

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