Parties, Painting, and Pets at The Willows of Arbor Lakes

Residents at The Willows of Arbor Lakes welcomed 2022 in style. We had a New Year’s party with delicious snacks, beverages, decorations, party favors, and lots of laughs. Everyone raised a glass as we celebrated the new year. Residents at The Willows of Arbor Lakes recently took the chill out of winter with some colorful arts and crafts. We used watercolors to paint penguin pictures. Many participants used warm colors to brush away …

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January Birthdays and Therapy Dog Visit

We recently celebrated January birthdays with the help of Nigel Egg’s amazing entertainment. Happy birthday to Helen and Jim! ??? We are continually grateful for the therapy dogs, Solomon and Ladybug, and their owners who pay us regular visits. It’s always such a treat when they stop by The Willows! ?

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Fun with Babble Budz

Lately, whenever one of our volunteers brings her therapy dog, Solomon, she’s also been bringing Babble Budz (toys that copy whatever you say). Not only are they adorable, they also fill the room with laughter! The Babble Budz may not have sang, but we still got lots of laughs! More fun with Babble Budz!

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